Friday, March 27, 2009

Starting small

Okay where to start in my mission to take this job seriously? Well the obvious place would be with the uniform, one simply must be dresses for the job. lol Now I'm not talking about June Cleaver in high heals and pearls, as much as I LOVE her and her clothes, she is NOT real and ladies as long as we try and be her we are never going to succeed at the real task at hand. So then what is a homemakers uniform you are wondering... well an Apron of course (silly rabbit) here's the thing, what you wear really does effect the way you act and think. So with your apron on you feel cute to start with and that's always good but even better you are ready to get into the nitty gritty of homemaking without any fear of messes, bleach from the laundry...not a problem, food splatter while cooking...not a problem, junior just wiped his nose on you...well icky lol Anywho I find that I jump right into what needs to be done when I put my uniform on, it just makes me feel so feminine and mommyish I love the big pockets on mine, as I find missing toys belonging to my youngest I stick them in my pocket and when we have a snuggle he checks my pockets knowing something good will be in there sometimes I even stick some candy in there, he never knows what he'll get but he loves momma's apron. Ladies, women have been wearing aprons of one form or another since forever, it's only been the last forty years at most that they have gone out of fashion hmm that's also when dresses and skirts were replaced by pants and woman left their children and went to work oh and the feminist movement swept the country but that's a whole other story... anywho if they lasted that long maybe they were good for something???

Becoming a Homemaker

I am a wife, a mother... a Homemaker. However I haven't always been a homemaker and though I have had some lessons and experience as to how to cook and clean and even care for children, I am very new to "Managing" my home, treating it like the very important job it is. Being on time, keeping track of things, you know like paying the light bill before they shut you off or showing up to a doctors appointment on the right day (hehe I have shown up on the wrong day before) or how about something as simple as having clean socks for your husband, or showing his hard work some respect and being frugal with the family income. I am on a journey to change the way I think about and do homemaking. To start seeing it as the most important job there is. After all we who are staying home and raising our families, we are raising up the next generation, we are molding the future. We have a most important job and don't let anyone tell you other wise, no more listening to nay sayers who try and tell you you're not contributing to your family or society these are lies! We are contributing more than anyone, but it is time we start taking this job seriously, and that is where I am in my journey. I am ready to take this job seriously. I will be seeking out all sorts of good old fashioned homemaking skills trying them out and posting them here. I hope some of you will join me in this journey to reclaim our homes, our children and our loving husbands, and stand proud of the job and title we carry... Homemakers. (Okay I'm jumping off the soap box now someone else can use it lol)